How Being Physically Active Improves Your Financial Life

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It may be hard and time consuming as you put it but being physically active has the potential to improve your financial life. For me personally despite my currently struggling financial status, I have made it a point to be physically active amid my busy schedule. As a result I found out that being physically active has helped me in financial aspects of my life revealing ties between physical and financial wellbeing. Below I will share with you nine ways physical activeness can improve your financial life as it has for me!

1. Sharpens Your decision-making abilities

For one, being physically active sharpens your decision-making abilities in life. This means with sharper decision-making abilities, you will be able to make better financial decisions as a result! For example, being physically active will allow you to be more self conscious of yourself physically/health wise.

When being self conscious of yourself and determined to stay healthy you will abstain from overspending on things that are unhealthy i.e. regular fast food, which will also cut your spending. This means the credit card bill will be severely reduced when you make physically and financially wise decisions like deciding to pass buying that daily hot chocolate from the Starbucks before class.

Furthermore, physical activity will make you more alert and self-aware meaning you will take more time to think before emotionally rushing in. Hence when self-aware when physically active, a subsequent logical response to a situation as opposed means, you will make carefully planned decisions including in finances. Meaning you will think twice before buying something allowing you to save more money!

2. Gives You The Better Energy To Do What’s Necessary

After that workout not only will you be sore but you will feel refreshed and elated amid all that sweat and iron pumping when leaving the gym.

Now while you don’t need to pump iron or workout heavy like I do, at least going for a brisk run, doing yoga, simple bodyweight exercises like push-ups after waking up or taking the stairs instead of the elevator will give you better positive energy as well as excitement in life.

In financial aspects of life, better energy will make you determined, intent and eager to improve or consider your financial life. When eager in what you do, your creativity and tenacity to excel and what you do will be improved especially with better energy form exercising.

Hence, when focusing on financial aspects of your life, better energy will give you the eagerness as well as determination to consider and work on making a change for the better financially.

As having a stable financial life (i.e. debt free) is tied to physical wellbeing you will be more energized to better your financial life in order to keep staying physically fit!

3. Improves Your Self Confidence

Being physically active will greatly change how you see the world as well as how you see yourself. Going for a nature run in the woods to enjoy fresh air and nature, swimming, dancing to your favourite song at home, cooking, taking the stairs, lifting weights, or doing anything that allows you to get off your rear end and move about will make you more observant as well as relieved.

This means your self-confidence in your self is improved as a result of your enjoyment when being physically active. Furthermore, when you improve your bodily health to get fit/lose weight you will feel more self-love and admiration of yourself looking at yourself in the mirror. Also standing/walking tall and lean adds to your self-confidence!

When self confident you will be determined to do things in life that will affect you for the better extending to your financial life. This means you will make financial decisions at work, your career options, expenses and the like contributing to your financial betterment.

Furthermore your vision will be expanded meaning you will learn to think outside the box, to see there is a whole range of options out there to financially better your life! In my case, after deciding on which career I want, after starting exercising more regular I was able to think outside the box and see beyond the conventional societal rule “go to school, get an education and get a job you love” that there was a wider range of options to financially better your life outside conventional employment.

My expanded thinking conscious through physical activity, led me to consider and later be determined towards becoming an entrepreneur instead of working a traditional job. So through regular exercise even in the simplest forms (it’s the little things that matter and this also extends to physical activity) will allow you to expand your mind and think outside the box regarding your financial betterment!

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4. Allows You To Cut Unnecessary Expenses

When not physically active and unconcerned of our health our expenses will also go sky high. This means we will develop the tendency spend our money more on eating out (not the healthiest option out there) instead of cooking at home, going out to the movies and getting popcorn regularly, pigging out on fast food and other unnecessary in excess spending as a result of our inhibited self control due to a lack of physical activity.

While fun initially there comes a time that this over the top spending becomes adverse not only to your physical health but also your financial wellbeing. It is a sad fact that many youngsters and even many grown ups in our society, spend lot of money on their leisure activities such as taking the kids to McDonalds every Friday night (sometimes not just Friday night but also other days), weekly pints at the pub, fast food, weekly dine outs, regular movies, shopping and all you can think of that add up to crazily high credit card bills!

I was also like many of you in this same position spending much of my money on excess trivial stuff much of them food meaning my credit card bills have been very high over the holidays. So I am in the same boat as many of you and understand the problem of excess spending when young and free.

However, after resuming my physical activity by working out twice a week, swimming and walking in between class breaks I have become determined to live a physically healthy life style. Aside from working out regularly, I am determined to eat a cleaner diet which means I will be limiting my previously over the top spending on food and leisure.

This determination to stay physically fit and active which is really the fountain of our youth will ultimately help me financially. So if you also realize it is in your best interest to stay physically young and healthy it is guaranteed you can drastically improve your financial condition as a by-product! Moreover, when financially stable without excess debt you can truly focus on living and enjoying life to the fullest without worry!

5. Improves Your Performance at whatever You Do

When involved in regular physical activity it is difficult at first. Sadly initial difficulty when exercising is a common excuse for physical inactivity in our society despite everything even things we take for granted like walking are difficult when we first do them! However as the old adage goes, practice makes perfect which stands true to physical activity and exercise!

When we first do something new, it is challenging at the start, as we are not used to the new task at hand. However, if we are persistent and keep trying despite failures (like when we were babies get up after we fall and crawl initially taking baby steps until we finally walk) slowly but surely we will get the hang of what we are doing until it becomes second nature to us!
Likewise when partaking in physical activity which we may not have done regularly before like long stimulating nature walks on trails, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton, swimming and the like, it will be inevitably difficult when we are just starting. However, constant practice will ensure that we will get better given we are determined to excel!

Personally for me when I started doing push-ups and weightlifting while difficult at first (heck even with regard to writing while I have struggled as a writer, through this blog with practice and determination I will get better eventually), eventually through constant practice and tenacity I got better. The same goes for the rest of us, if we practice hard and have the will to succeed, we will excel at physical activity as well as anything else we put our minds to!

Furthermore, regular physical activity improves not just our performance in the activity but it also improves other aspects of us such as eye-hand coordination, focus, self-control, patience, memory, etc. Such improved aspects as a result of physical activity can be transferred to other aspects of our life such as finances which as in the context of this article.

Having improved focus, memory and patience as a by-product of regular physical activity can greatly improve our financial activities in life. With enhanced self-control we can resist our impulses to squander our money constantly on leisure activities or anything that drains us financially. With patience we are determined to focus on our financial benefit with the long term in mind. This means we are willing to cut down or temporarily sacrifice financially draining pleasures in order to financially happy and free in the long term.

Improved memory through exercise allows us to remember our activities such as financial blunders (i.e. spending too much or unnecessarily), learn from these blunders and work to prevent them from happening again! Moreover, when performing on finance building activities like our job, making investments, running a business and the like, improved performance abilities through regular physical activity can also be transferred to benefit our performance in these financial endeavours!

6. Improves Your Longevity

Physical activity is also linked to better longevity in life and other physical as well as mental aspects in our lives. Having better longevity in our lives will be a boon to our financial aspects as well. Having a longer more enhanced life grants us more time to spend enjoying the fruits life has to offer as well as focusing on finding ways to improve our personal finances.

As time is of the essence in what we do in life with regards to financial betterment we need a lot of time. Hence, health coupled with longevity can give us this much needed time to work up ways to improve our financial condition as well as think us ways to create for ourselves sources of financial growth.

When working on a business in order to succeed, time is of the essence so with improved longevity through exercise we will have time to focus on as well as think up ways to grow our business. Ultimately, through longevity granted from regular physical activity, your chances of growing your finances as well as continuing with your financial endeavours with less health and age related distractions are increased.

Moreover, longevity decreases your risks of falling sick or getting an illness which not only reduces your distractions from achieving financial success but also reduces your financial expenses! In certain countries such as but not limited to the United States healthcare isn’t free. This means that whenever you fall ill, you will have in order to get proper medical treatment. Hence this is where physical activity and a better life with less health complications allows you to save money from medical expenses which can take great a toll on your finances. More distractions be them physical or financial is ultimately beneficial as then you have time and energy available to direct towards your financial life goals!

7. Improves Your Focus: Today people from youth to older professionals have a short attention span. A short attention span these days has been happening for a while well before the 21st century in part due to our society’s consumer oriented mindset. With all sorts of distractions ranging from food to TV, computer, Internet, Smartphones, it comes as no surprise that there’s mass prevalence of limited attention in our society.

Sadly however, a short attention span can have a damaging affect on our financial lives. Since many of us are constantly distracted with our short attention spans switching form one activity to another, it becomes difficult to focus our all on a single task without multitasking or switching to something else. This prevents us from completing a single task well due to a multitude of distractions.

Regarding finances a short attention span can blunt opportunities for financial growth and can be downright dangerous. Especially in our day to day lives jumping from task to task be it building business or investing will prevent us from making a bigger more fulfilling gain by focusing our all on a single task.

Moreover, distractions and a short attention span can be downright financially dangerous as it can result us in making destructive financial mistakes such as risky investments in which money could be lost due to a lack of focus and/or proper research. However, the key to being focused in finances and thus lessen the risk of detrimental financial decisions can be attainted through a concentrated routine of regular physical exercise.

As to perform physical exercise techniques properly as well as improve performance requires an amount of concentration, regular physical activity from a daily jog, a quick round of table tennis to a full blown weight room workout will make you more focused than before. As the focus attained through regular physical activitiy can be transferred to other activities in life such as finances, you’ll find it easier to focus your all on the financial task at hand.

As a result the subsequent rewards from focusing your all on a financial task without distraction will be greater, plus destructive financial blunders from a lack of focus can be averted as well!

8. Improves Your Outward Appearance

Like it or not personal outward appearance is very important for whatever in life we do! Outward appearance is not just limited to properly showering, applying deodorant, combing hair, clipping nails and the like, which are important for our outward preventability. Outward appearance also involves physical fitness and our outward physical condition.

When we are physically unfit and not in good physical condition it is detrimental to our outward appearance as we will end up appearing dishevelled, lacking confidence, lacking dominance/assertiveness, exhausted, unfocused and in general have a weak outward disposition no matter how clean or well groomed we may be.

Such poor outward physical appearance will detrimentally affect our financial life as at work we will have trouble when moving up the ranks compared with our more outwardly appearing physically able co-workers.

Furthermore as an entrepreneur you may encounter trouble in securing business partnership and the support of customers due to detrimental physical condition. Moreover suffering health concerns like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases will greatly hinder your financial life along with being apparent in your outward appearance.

Such poor and weak physical outward appearance has the potential to turn away prospective partners and customers alike but can be prevented through engaging in regular physical activity. By frequently engaging in any sort of physical activity over time, your outward physical appearance will appear tall, straight, lean, strong and all outward traits (what’s more is these outward traits will be felt inward as well!) that will make you appear strong, healthy confident, assertive, in charge and all other outward traits that mark a confident active businessperson greatly boosting your potential for a successful and fulfilling financial life.

9. Boosts Your Creativity

Last but not least, creativity, which is a key trait for a fruitful and colourful financial life, will be boosted by regularly partaking in physical activity. When we are physically active our creativity or imagination is killed and replaced by a lethargic, weak and pessimistic state. As creativity is the key in your financial life to constantly thinking up methods, models and avenues (i.e. Business ideas and/or ways of generating income outside a job) to improve your financial life a lack of creativity will also greatly damager your financial life.

However, by engaging in regular physical activity intense or not (just make sure the physical activity is done on a regular basis and You’ll be fine!), your inner human creativity will be boosted and/or restored along with your physical health and wellbeing! Before I started/resumed my regular physical activity, my creativity levels took a drastic plunge as I became more lethargic, pessimistic and weaker as an unhealthy more sedentary lifestyle set in.

After I resumed my physical activities on a regular basis and made it a part of my life once more, my creativity levels surged once more as I found myself imaginative and constantly coming up with new ideas. This bode well for my financial opportunities in life as I was and as still am as I type this, constantly coming up with innovative new business ideas as well as financial boosting methods and passive income sources, constantly thinking outside the box!

Especially through taking part in hikes, nature walks and outdoor physical activity your mind will be captivated by the outdoors plus regular exercise will stimulate the mind getting it working both avenues for inner creative design/thought.

Following physical activity we feel tired during which we relax and daydream to cool off along with feeling determined as well as observant, key traits for exercising our gift for creativity!

What’s more along with boosting creativity you’ll find that your ability to confidently, creatively, eloquently as well as captivatingly convey your creative ideas (be them financial or non-financial) to others will be greatly advanced!

So, while you may be busy, tired or have any excuses to exercise and be physically active please refer to this post as motivation to be physically active regularly as your financial life will improve. Plus physical activity doesn’t have to be long or intense but can be as simple as a brisk jog, walking to school/work or doing yoga.

Always no matter how busy you are, whether you’re working 40 hours a week or are full time student with debt and having to work constantly, it is still completely possible to be physically active in very simple ways even as you’re doing what you do!

At the End of The Day, as the old adage says: Health Means Wealth!

So Let’s All Get Out There and Be Physically Active So We Can Be

Healthy and Wealthy!

7 Steps To Secure Customers As a Nascent Start-up


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Every business depends on its customers in order to succeed and expand. Having customers are the lifeline for all businesses big and small but for start-ups as this post will underscore, customers come first before anything else. For start-up businesses, new entrepreneurs and small businesses in need of a wider as well as more loyal customer base, this post will provide you with 7 key points for you to grow and maintain a strong loyal customer base!


1. Make Your Service Coincide With Their Interests/Needs!

To grow and incite a base of loyal customers who keep coming back it is important that your business coincides with one or more of their interests and/or primary needs! Your product doesn’t have to be fancy, cutting edge or anything special but it does have to meet their interests and/or personal needs just like Starbucks meets its customers need for their daily coffee/refreshments! Keeping this in mind as well as the advice of Dale Carnegie in Chapter/Point 8 of his book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” to “Talk In Terms Of The Other Person’s Interests” make sure that your business, its product/service or aspects of your business successfully meets one or more of customers’ needs and interests!

2. Make It Personal!

It is widely said that business is and should be business not to be taken personally. However, in order to grow and gain a loyal customer base it is in your best interest to make business with customers personal! So when dealing with customers especially as a smaller business, make it a point to reach out to your customers on a personal and regular basis to know them well. Once you know your customers well, you will know their needs, wants and other important character elements through making business personal that your business can better serve these same customers. As people are loyal and interested in someone who cares about and takes interest in them, the same will be applicable for your customers’ loyalty and interest in your business!

3. Make Them Excited!

The key to success as a business with customers is to have something about your brand or business environment that excites customers and makes them enthusiastic to consume your product/do business with you! All successful businesses from Starbucks to McDonalds and the movies get customers fired up to consume their products and so can you! So make easy adjustments to elements of your business like brand (i.e. logo and/or what your business is associated with), product (is it something your customers need, benefit from and/or really enjoy?) or business environment (i.e. appealing aspects like comfy, relaxed, festive, roomy) in a manner these elements stand out and entice/draw customers to regularly frequent your business!

4. Do Them Favours!

Customers love to do business with and consume the products of businesses that do them favours! As customers wonder “What’s In It For Me?” tailor your business to have it give your customer a certain personal benefit/s or favours as a result of them doing business with you. Such favours can involve you endorsing and promoting your customers’ business ventures, giving them three-month free subscription, free passes to something fun (i.e. movies), discounts and the like in return for them doing business with you. As a result of providing customers with favours/perks that benefit them personally, your business will gain an increase of customers who are eager to regularly consume your products and do business with you!

5. Use World Of Mouth over Tech!

When running a small not widely known business relying solely on technology for marketing such as Social Media, advertisements or Smartphone Apps may not have the same stimulating effects on customers as well established business attempts at tech marketing do. Plus you may not have a large amount of money to spend on eye catching and slick methods of tech marketing. Hence, to show credibility when starting off, be transparent, build personal and business trust, foster human to human connection, stimulate an emotional response in customers and reach customers in ways technology cannot (at least not yet, when potential customers are still strangers) using the word of mouth approach in which you personally convey news of your product and business to customers on a human to human level connects with you to numerous prospects on a personal level. Word of mouth marketing, effectively lays the foundations for these prospects eventually becoming customers of your business!

6. Make sure you truly need them!

While all these points are sure-fire ways for your business to gain and maintain customers, there is one more question that you need to consider in order to better the prospects for your business’ success. This question is “Do I and my business truly need this customer?”

As a business customer relationship is a two way street meaning your customers should truly need and benefit/help your business (just as you need customers and help meet their needs. Remember, your customers’ words about your business to the wider community hold more merit than your own!) whether or not you truly need prospects as customers depends on these five factors:

A) How loyal are they to your business and product/?

B) Are they truly excited about your business and what it has to offer them?

C) Do they eagerly promote your product and business to their friends and loved Ones?

D) Do they endorse/support your business and its product/s over your competitors?

E) Do they regularly frequent your business and constantly use your business’ products?

If the answer to all these five questions is a definite yes then congratulations as your business has wonderful customers but if they answer is a no or so/so then you need to consider finding a different set of more dedicated customers who can truly help and through using/endorsing your product/s promote your business to the wider community!

7. Exalt Them!

After you’ve secured a loyal and eager base of customers the question is how you and your business can keep these customers loyal and eager? The answer is to exalt your customers by valuing them and making them feel special! Exalting your customers by expressing love/loyalty for them, in featuring customers in your promotional material (i.e. posters, commercials in which your customers visually appear and videos featuring individual customer/s talking in their own words), making your most loyal customers brand ambassadors who take a more active and professional role in your business’ marketing/promotional activities are just some ways your customers can feel special by doing business with you. As people love to feel special and talk about themselves, if your business allows your customers to feel special and talk about themselves they will in turn love doing and continue doing business with you!

Four Ways You Can Utilize Your Laziness For Success!


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If you happen to be lazy and carefree like me, then I have great news! I came across an interesting article on lifehack titled “7 Reasons Why Lazy People Are More Likely To Be Successful” I hope the article will inspire you to find success through laziness just as it has inspired me to write this post. Below I will discuss Four Ways that your laziness can be used for attaining success!


1) Make Something That Can Make Others’ Lives More Carefree Like Yours!

If you’re lazy and carefree in you life chances are you’ll be envied by many busybody folks. So why not in your extended spare time create something that can help make these peoples’ lives more carefree with time for laziness like yours?

There are many means of making peoples’ lives more carefree that you can design in the comfort of your own home ranging from mobile phone applications, advisory and instructional websites to your own online web based service business. All it takes is some extended down time (if you’re lazy & carefree like me then you got this!) to conjure up some great ideas you can commence!

In these days of Internet and mobile technology allowing people to do things from the comfort of their own home, making a mobile app or online business without sacrificing your idle time is relatively simple if you got the time!


2) Use Your Daydreaming Hours To Come Up With New Ideas!

When lazy you got time to sit back or lie down and daydream! It is amazing how ingenious lazy people can be through there daydreaming hours. So if you’re lazy and love to daydream casually in your mind and/or on paper (or your mobile phone/laptop) come up with some great ideas for an online business or something that generates you money without having to work a traditional job.

If you got the time to daydream you’ll be amazed at all the innovative new (or relatively simple but effective) ideas your mind can conjure up! As I came up with many of the posts on my blog/website during my extended spare time and daydreaming hours, you too can come up with many great ideas for success while daydreaming!


3) Use Your Extended Downtime To Figure Yourself Out!

When you’re lazy you extended got down time so why not use this downtime to figure out yourself and your passions? It was through constant soul searching in my lazy downtimes that I figured out my true passions: Entrepreneurship, Community, E Commerce and Blogging.

You as well in your idle time will be able to figure yourself out and your passions whatever they may be. In your idle time just ask yourself these four questions:

A) Who Am I? B) What do I want? C) What are my passions? D) Are these passions truly mine or have they merely been imposed on/suggested to me by others?

Once you figured out your true passions and who you want to be in life you’ll (you won’t be lazy or idle when doing what your heart & soul truly wants!) do anything to achieve them!


4) Create/Find An Easy Source Of Income!

If you’re lazy chances you won’t like the prospect of working a traditional job with hours (9 to 5+) requiring you to leave home 5+ times a week even if you “love what you do” there. Never fear though as there are several easy or passive sources of income!

Starting an online business, developing a mobile app, making podcasts, writing an E- Book, blogging and providing service via Fivver ( are just some of the many passive income sources.

While passive income initially requires work, input/effort and doesn’t come overnight, you will build an asset/s allowing you to make money without having to work (hence passive income) a traditional job, allowing you to be lazy and relax in the long run!

Indeed laziness can be a great asset contrary to the beliefs and sayings of our society’s “hard work pays off” mentality. Therefore, rejoice and take advantage of being lazy, be inspired by this post to create your path/s to success so that your laziness pays off!