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Five Ways Automated Technology Benefits You!

This morning, I came across an article on Business Insider titled “This is the first fast-food chain in America that requires zero human interaction” by Hayley Peterson. The article http://www.businessinsider.com/eatsa-fully-automated-restaurant-chain-2016-2?utm_content=buffer41ae9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer with its self explanatory title is about a relatively new fast food restaurant chain called Eatsa which customers order their food through an automated system!

Through my personal analysis this article, I realized that while automated systems eliminate more jobs, they also open the door to new avenues for growth and success. So below, I will discuss Five Ways automated businesses can benefit your very own chances for growth and success!


Image Credit: This is the first fast-food chain in America that requires zero human interaction, By Haley Peterson

Point 1) As A Business Owner Going Automated Saves You Money!

A key benefit of automated technology if you’re a business owner is that it saves you money. Even though automated technology may cost some money to initially install and maintain in the long run it saves you money your business would have to spend if you hired human workers.

As a business owner having automated technology in place of human employees you won’t have to spend money on employee benefits and coverage (i.e. Healthcare), the training of employees. Hence, if you are a business owner it is in your best interest to invest in some automated technology!


Point 2) Automated Systems Are Autonomous!

Automated Business Systems are more manageable than human employees. Aside from having to fix and check on every now and then, when properly installed automated business systems like Eatsa’s can serve customers diligently and autonomously like the name automated hints!

What’s more is that unlike human employees when functioning automated systems like Easta’s can serve customers without managers having to be in place to constantly order around, supervise and guide them. So after some installing and checks if your business uses automated technology, you will have a self-sufficient and effective customer serving apparatus!


Point 3) Allows You To Find Different Ways To Success Instead Of Established Ways!

Another plus point of automated technology like Eatsa’s is that you can find new ways to success. In our society today the most common and traditionally established route to success at least for many of us is to go to school, then college/university, study hard, get an advanced degree followed by a comfortable job in which you can rise within the ranks!

If you’re in high school or a non-college/university graduate then for success you’re expected to get a job or enrol in trade school in order to get credentials for in demand jobs. However, with the rise of automated technology with the potential to eclipse jobs and traditional means for success you will have to adapt to find new avenues to success.

Such non-traditional and non-established avenues for success include starting an automated or Internet based business (i.e. a Blog like me or releasing your own iPhone app), which are necessary these days with the rise of automated technology and job scarcity!


Point 4) Creates A More Efficient Environment!

Automated technology like in Eatsa helps foster a more efficient business environment. Such efficiency is attractive to customers as it reduces customer wait time. Thanks to the autonomous iPad Kiosks through which customers can quickly make their order the long lines commonly seen at fast food restaurants and grocery stores will be drastically reduced.

Thanks to the efficient and quick processing reflexes of automated technology customers’ orders can be processed quicker than human employees meaning customers can get their orders faster! With reduced line-ups and shorter wait times thanks to automated technology, your customers whose needs are satisfied quickly, will be all the more happy to continue doing business with you.


Point 5) Encourages Creativity!

Last but not least automated technology encourages people to be creative. From choosing the route of a self made entrepreneur, starting an online business to the opening of new in demand positions at business which require creative minds (i.e. Developers, innovators and tinkerers of automated technology), automated has the potential to create new paths for achieving success. So always be ready to adapt, have an innovative mindset, think outside the box and have a penchant for automated technology and the Internet in order to succeed in the age of automated technology!


Image Credit: This is the first fast-food chain in America that requires zero human interaction, By Haley Peterson


I sincerely hope this post has been worthwhile and insightful to you. Hopefully you all will be inspired by this post and will use what has been said to enhance your chances of success. Be sure to pay automated Eatsa a visit when you’re in San Francisco and Los Angeles to experience their automated service and food firsthand, which you’d hopefully enjoy!