Role Models For Success!

A Lesson in Finances From Batman!


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Hello Friends and Happy Tuesday! Today’s post covers one of the most popular superheroes, Batman! (REALLY? Batman?) Well Batman is the EMBODIMENT of responsible finances, discipline, and growth!

1) Discipline

While Batman doesn’t have any superpowers in a way his counterparts like Superman or Green Lantern do, Batman possesses a number of unique inbuilt traits that make him a powerful hero through his mind thus giving Batman the mantle of a superhero with his well developed mind as it can be said his superpower.

 One of Batman’s greatest traits then is his discipline. Of course being a billionaire businessman and owner of Wayne Enterprises in Gotham, it is obvious that Batman’s secret identity Bruce Wayne should be disciplined in order to successfully run as well as maintaining such a profitable conglomerate.

However, Batman/Bruce Wayne’s’ discipline runs further than his skill as a successful billionaire.

Batman/Bruce Wayne is disciplined in many other aspects of his character notably as the crime-fighting vigilante Batman he is.

There’s a reason Batman is known as the “World Greatest Detective” which is due to his proficiency as a skilled high tech crime fighter of Gotham city.

But how is Bruce Wayne so great as Batman?

The answer is through his discipline embodied in multiple aspects that allow him to be Batman in all his greatness.

A way Batman is disciplined beyond his skill, as businessmen are his commitment to performing his role as Batman with perfection.

So in order to do so, Batman constantly trains himself mentally and physically through gymnastics, weight lifting and bodyweight calisthenics to develop his body to the peak of perfection along with meditation in order to develop a sharp well disciplined mind.

Batman’s commitment to his physical and mental training regimen while managing his public life as a successful businessman CEO of his inherited family business Wayne Enterprises is what make him disciplined both as “The Caped Crusader” and Bruce Wayne.

Batman is also disciplined in his resolve not to kill people enemies or innocent civilians as famously stated when faced with a group of armed enemies among the his nemesis Bane “No Guns No Killing!” in The Dark Knight Rises 2012, the third and final instalment in the Batman Trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan.

Moreover, in the 2008 The Dark Knight Batman also saved the Joker from death when the latter was thrown out of the window showing Batman’s commitment to his “No Killing Rule” by saving even his worst enemies from death.

Now while it may be hard (though not impossible!) to become like Bruce Wayne/Batman there are traits of discipline all of us can gain by emulating Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Such discipline can be transferred into all aspects of life but as this blog is about financial advice so too will this post focus on how you can use the discipline of Batman in your financial life.

Be disciplined when managing your finances!

If you have a rule to only spend your money/consume once a month on entertainment then stick to it!!

Don’t break your rule by spending your money every week on entertainment, food, movie, beer, Netflix whatnot like an undisciplined bloke, which would be a disgrace to the Caped Crusader!

Rather be like Batman and financially disciplined spending your money to consume strictly once a month on a movie with friends or a nice dinner.

Perfect your rule and stick to it continuing to spend out once a month no more no less regardless of what comes your way (i.e. New Movies, hunger pangs, desire to socialize, etc.) just like Batman is disciplined in keeping with his physical-mental training despite his business endeavours, philanthropy, playboy lifestyle and the like

Also make it a routine to open a savings account to save up your money into a secure account, which you will not touch for your leisure activities and keep it this way!

Do not withdraw money from your savings account to throw around but keep your money secure and watch your savings account grow!

If you plan to set aside a $2000 annually or monthly to save away or invest in stocks or other avenues of finance boosting, keep up with this routine and continue amassing that $1000 to save without breaking from it!

Overall, sticking to routine with your finances without fail through saving your money, when to spend it and investments are a few but great ways for you to start developing the discipline of Batman.


2) Intellect

Batman also has a well develop intellect, which is necessary for his stellar performance as Batman.

What Batman lacks in superpowers is made up by his genius level intellect. Batman is a polymath and a proficient scientist, which allows him master the art of science among other knowledge necessary for being the effective crime fighter vigilante hero he is.

Furthermore, Batman when faced with a multitude of threats even his ally Superman has the intellect to figure out the weaknesses of even the most powerful characters in the DC Universe such as but not limited to Superman.

Indeed one of Batman’s superpowers can arguably be his great intellect.

Now you too can use Batman’s intellect in your financial life.

First of all be smart when in control of your finances!

This is very important!!

Tragically in this day and age with easy and readily available access to money in the form of credit cards, loans/mortgages, parental generosity or a lack of parental discipline many of us are incredibly stupid with our finances.

Both the youngsters of today and even older working professionals squander their money on trivial things in life regularly in such a stupid manner despite many being highly educated.

As a result, of their poor financial management and stupid use of finances not only is our beloved hero Batman who many of us love and adore is put to shame but also people get into debt (i.e. Getting a mortgage for your dream home or car which means you cannot afford it = Detrimental to your finances as you will have to pay it off or the banks will take it all away!), become financially broke or at worst homeless.

When the next big financial crisis happens those who have been financially stupid will sadly be hit hard the most.

Sadly, I have been very stupid with my finances as a pampered youth living with his parents house squandering the money which was readily available to me along with my early access to a credit card in my first year of University that I have gotten huge credit card bills paid off only thanks to my parents generous financial support.

Now I have taken a step back having realized my grave error and am taking steps to make up for my stupid financial decisions!

So in order to make the most of your financial life gain the intellect of Batman and be smart with your finances.

Think twice before you spend your money!

Think is it really worth it to buy that nice house you can’t afford or is it better to live happily and comfortable in a smaller condo instead of worrying about paying off your mortgage for what is a bigger house?

Think is it worth it to buy a BMW just for status while spending so much just to maintain the car to maintain your societal status?

Think do you really need that nice sweater when you already have a good wardrobe of clothes?

Do you really need to eat out Friday nights with friends when you could save money and cut calories with an equally tasty home cooked meal which you can share with your friends at the comfort and quietness of home after a busy day of commuting?

Please be smart like Batman is and when it comes to finances always think and use logic over emotions!

Open your mind to alternate views and whether what you’re about to buy will be worth it in the long run or something you’ll regret as a total waste of space (i.e. This nice house is too much space we could have done nicely with that smaller apartment or that was a total waste of money I could have spent it on something more worthwhile for my life) and/or money?

Spend money on the stuff you truly need and always live below your means!

When you make these smart financial decisions you can also invest your money in smarter avenues of life such as investing in stocks or various asset building methods which my future posts will explain in greater detail in order to boost your finances.

Having a great financial genius level intellect with your money will not only bring you a step closer to being like Batman, it will also allow you to live a more simple, stress free and comfortable life without regret or worry!


3) A Sense of Purpose In Life

 Batman also has a great sense of purpose in his life. Batman knows who he is, what he stands for and why he exists!

That purpose is to fight crime and keep Gotham City Safe along with maintaining Wayne Enterprises as Bruce Wayne to better the city of (also provide a source of funds to maintain and add to his high tech Batman arsenal) Gotham economically!

Batman’s purpose in life as a crime-fighting vigilante and as Bruce Wayne head of Wayne Enterprises has allowed him to maintain his role as well as arsenal being Batman, making Gotham’s streets safer everyday!

Furthermore, despite the darker aspects of his character and lonely life (as Batman/Bruce Wayne lost his parents at a young age), Batman has a sense of belongingness and reason to live since his life has a purpose.

So in your financial life find your purpose just as Batman has found his!

What is the purpose of your finances and your salary?

What do you want to use it for?

Do I want to use my finances to find myself, make a change in this world or better myself and ultimately others instead of spending it all on trivial things?

When you find a deeper purpose in life to use your finances instead of triviality, your life will have more meaning and purpose!

This means you will be happier, driven and enjoying of your life when you have a proper purpose for your finances!

Bruce Wayne could have done other things with his life instead of becoming Batman.

He could have retired comfortably on an island giving his business to his deputies and associates or even his trusted Butler Alfred.

Bruce could have found a wife with his fortune, started a family and lived happily ever after.

Bruce could even have run for mayor of Gotham and comfortably amassed control of Gotham City’s government with all his power and wealth.

There is so much Bruce Wayne in his high societal status could have done instead of risking his life for Gotham as Batman,

However, while appealing it seems that all these alternate avenues to life would have not been as fulfilling or deep in purpose for Bruce Wayne when compared to becoming Batman.

Especially having witnessed the brutal murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne was determined to find a deeper purpose in life than merely wealth and comfort.

Using his financial assets and power Bruce Wayne decided to become Batman in order to save Gotham’s people from the fate his parents had succumbed to.

Using his recourses and cover as head of Wayne Enterprises to maintain his role as Batman in cleansing Gotham of Crime and keeping his city safer, Bruce Wayne indeed found a real purpose that drove him in life despite losing (his parents) what was dear to him!

So whatever your hardships in life be them social pressures, family pressures, financial or mental insecurities using your finances for a deeper purpose than just Netflix or chill time, your life will definitely have more value and meaning!

There are a couple of ways your finances can be used for a greater purpose such as but not limited to being used for investing in stocks, investing in real-estate starting a business, even charity/philanthropy, investing in businesses and start-ups or becoming a shareholder which can lead you to getting the most out of your financial life.

This will allow you to feel more fulfilled having reaped the fruits of what your financial life has to offer once you have found a purpose for your finances.

With a purpose in managing, growing and using your money your finances but also your non-financial aspects (like it or not our financial situation in life will effect non financial aspects of our life. I.e. To go on more vacations you need money or to spend time with friends and family you, need readily available money so you can quit work and find time to spend with them) in life will vastly improve.

Then you will have found a deeper purpose in life to keep you going just like Bruce Wayne found his as Batman!

I hope this post has helped open your mind and given you more thought to your financial life


Image Credit: Comic Art Batman by Jim Lee

Also whether or not you’re a Batman fan, I hope you use the above traits of Batman to improve and the get the most out of your financial life!

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Deadpool’s 7 Traits For Success

Hopefully many of you got the chance to see Deadpool! If you haven’t, no problem! I will discuss the 7 priceless traits of this superhero. Use them to for success in all things!


Image Credit: Deadpool’s Spoiler Alert by Seignior on DeviantArt




  1. Have goals, challenge yourself

You need to have clear goals you are committed to achieving! This is how we rise up in life. Just like (Spoilers) Deadpool’s mission of saving his love Vanessa from the clutches of Ajax. As Napoleon Hill said, ‘anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’


  1. Love what you do

Deadpool enjoyed dispatching bad guys with brutal ease throughout the film. Find your talents! Find what is easy for you. Like organizing, or being detail-oriented, having an interest in how computers are made, or drawing cars/designs, or singing, etc. Find your talent no matter how small, that you are perfect at, and find a career around that talent! Happiness is important in life to remain healthy and give others the most joy, so find your passion no matter how long it takes and do it. Do not do anything else except the steps to making your dreams a reality.


  1. Whatever happens remember the great adventure and smile

Deadpool is living hell on earth at times because of his enemies. From getting his face horribly disfigured during his augmentation to his lover Vanessa getting kidnapped by Ajax. Deadpool’s life is rough but instead of being permanently deterred, Deadpool keeps his cool as well as his nutty happy go nature, adventurous while working to find a way around these problems to achieve his goals one way or the other. So never give up because you are your only limit.


  1. Be unique and stand out

Deadpool is totally nutty and is such a big (borderline annoying) talker! At the same time there’s no denying that Deadpool is a unique individual. From his tight red spandex, his distinctive red superhero costume, his horribly scarred face to hilarious personality of his character stands out as a Marvel Character. Feel safe as yourself and expressing yourself.


  1. Have a team


Image Credit:

When stuff goes wrong it’s always good to be part of or involved with a team of people who have your back. We were not meant to be distant in heart from all. Be unconditional support to others and you will get much needed support also, even if you don’t think you need it, you can always require it. Tackling life as a team is great as it can make daunting challenges sometimes too great for a single person to face much: strength in numbers! When Deadpool’s lover is kidnapped, Deadpool teams up with superheroes Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, before confronting his well entrenched enemies and rescuing Vanessa. Having partners-friends makes difficult situations easier and maximizes chances of success (i.e. running a business or marketing or decision-making).


  1. Never forget those who matter to you

While success is important it is also important to get meaningful success that fulfills your life and makes you enjoy life. Always be dedicated, determined to win, and never forget about the ones that matter to you like family and friends. Deadpool’s story and mission is not only successful but also fulfilling at the end to him as well as the audience because he dedicated his life to saving Vanessa (from getting that gruesome injury to confronting Ajax in his hardest battle) and never gave up on her. By focusing your tasks/goals on people who matter in your life, and showing appreciation/gratefulness, not only will you gain the external motivational boost to achieve success but your success will be deep and meaningful knowing that you’re living and hustling for something more than just yourself or material things!


  1. Be ready to sacrifice and take risks for future’s sake

To win a great prize you have to pay a great price or in other words makes sacrifices in order to succeed in life. Deadpool sacrificed his body, reputation, and safety to cure his cancer with a treatment and gain longevity. Like Deadpool when there is an obstacle between you and your heart’s desire, conquer it with whatever sacrifice is needed, as long as it is a moral decision. Let go of what isn’t needed and greatly boost your chances to triumph!


Surprise! Bonus Point


Image Credit: Deadpool – X-Men Movies Wiki – Wikia 

  1. Have A Story To Tell

In order to be successful have a dynamic and interesting life story to tell! Be open and honest about your adventures and battles. There is no need to hide your life. Connect. Deadpool’s amazing life story from surviving cancer, to being a former soldier, becoming a deformed costumed superhero, is freely shared by him to his audience. The same way, be prepared to share your fun experiences.