Why Pope Francis’ Instagram Decision Is A Great Recipe For Entrepreneurship Success!

Greetings and Welcome Back Entrepreneurs! Today’s Post is about Pope Francis’ decision (http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/trending/pope-francis-instagram-1.3499142) to take his Holy Journey to a New Level by joining Instagram. While he may not be what usually comes to mind for Entrepreneurship, The Pope’s new presence on Instagram is a great recipe for Entrepreneurship Success, which you can and should replicate for your own business! Read On to find out How!!


Image Credit: “#Blessed? Pope Francis begins ‘new journey,’ joins Instagram By Haydn Watters, CBC News Trending” & “Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images”

1) Invaluable Tool For Marketing!

 Instagram currently is a very popular social media platform whose popularity rivals and threatens to eclipse the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Pope Francis though already well known and revered knew this and joined Instagram albeit very recently in order to market himself and keeping in touch with existing admirers while aiming to gain a new generation of admirers.

Hence, Instagram’s popularity means that this social media apparatus is a pivotal tool for online marketing as many people use social media and many of these same people including your existing and prospective clients use Instagram.

So in order to attract more customers while continuing to fascinate existing customers and being able to relate with your tech savvy target market like the younger generation, adopt Instagram as a means to market your business, its product and service!

2) Excellent For Awareness & Discovery!

You may have a great business, a useful product and top-notch service sure to gain a large consistent customer base. Unfortunately, this may not mean a thing as many new businesses sadly fail before they even have a chance at blooming.

One of the reasons for such large business failure rate is an underdeveloped social media presence meaning the said businesses will remain largely undiscovered and obscured from much of their social media based target market of otherwise interested customers.

Hence, to be discovered quickly, get your business on social media and Instagram! From there, your business will be able connect with, market your product and be discovered by a wider range of your target market’s customers as a first stepping-stone for your business’ success and popularity!

3) Global Expansion!

Another great benefit of using Instagram for your business is expanding via social media. This means that your business can virtually expand and connect with a wide range of customers from your target market worldwide, previously a harder feat for new businesses in the pre digital and pre social media age.

Now however, with the advent of social media and one of its most popular variants, Instagram your business can expand worldwide and connect with prospective customers around the globe for virtually no cost. What’s more is aside from getting customers around the world your business will find support and role models to base your future success on all through Instagram!

4) Can Inspire Others!

Another great benefit of Instagram which will help your business gain more support is Virtual Inspiration made all the more simpler and easier through Social Media Platforms! For my Businesses and this Website Blog, I use Instagram via https://www.instagram.com/smartstartuphubhq/ and post various motivational photos such as motivational and inspirational pictures (e.g. A BMW or a Personal Pic like my Laptop) coupled with descriptive captions in order to inspire, relate better with, motivate and support my target market making them more inclined to do business with me!

The result is that I have gained a steadily growing following of Instagram fans and followers, which will be great for the future of a young business enterprise. So if you want to grow your business, make sure that you inspire, motivate and foster better reliability between your target market and your business by using Inspirational Images with Motivational Captions on Instagram!


I hope that you found out what was said here useful, keep your eyes posted on this blog and stay tuned for our upcoming post entitled “Why Instagram Is The Best Path To Grow Your Business On Social Media Right Now!”

Deadly Business Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid! A Mini-Series Part.2

Hello and welcome back to “Deadly Business Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid! A Miniseries.” This Post will serve as Part 2 of weekly my miniseries and will continue covering firsthand experiences of detrimental mistakes my first ever business venture Conextus (Website: http://conextus.ca), made while I was one of its leaders. Just like Part.1 did however, I hope that Part.2 of this weekly miniseries will inspire you to take heed and avoid Conextus’ mistakes. Read On!


Image Credit: Pixabay

Team Inflation

While a solid team is necessary for a successful business in Conextus we made the mistake of taking things to far with team building. As we were desperate to get the ball rolling, we built up a huge team that resulted in team inflation for Conextus! This meant we had too many members making it more difficult to manage the business team. On top of that the team expanded/inflated to quickly that carrying out commitment checks were made much harder. The team expanded way to quickly and this hindered proper management as the inflated business team of Conextus was often confused, disunited in a state of disarray.

As one of Conextus’ top leaders in charge of administration, I accept much of the responsibility in expanding the team too quickly, preventing to create a solidified team and failing to address the issue of Team Inflation until it was too late. While Conextus fortunately has survived as of now, Team Inflation was and still is a huge flaw in our business with the potential to cripple many new businesses! So with your business team make sure you take into consideration the mistakes of Conextus and take caution when it comes to establishing proper team! It is best to start early meaning you should focus on quality over quantity when it comes to building a team! It is much better that you have a few team members who are specialized (e.g. A team of four or if possible less with all members qualified and competent in their respective roles and able to support each other when need be) as this will make a more manageable team.

If your team is already too big you may have to let certain members go and keep the most competent members on your team unfortunately. However, focusing on building a small but quality team of highly skilled and competent members can easily avoid the sad process of letting team members go as a result of Team Inflation and inability to properly manage the business team!


When your team is small it is easier to manage and easier to get things done as you can work more intimately as a transparent more equal and fair partnership instead of a top down hierarchical management. A smaller more manageable business team provides more room for creativity, growth, intimate coaching along with trust, bonding and less stress among your business team making progress hence success possible through better team efficiency!

How Microsoft/Xbox Setbacks Benefit Your Entrerpreneurial Career?


Image Credit: “Join the world’s premier gaming community,” http://www.xbox.com/en-ca/live/


I’m sure many if not most of you who are viewing this post are a fan of Xbox and Microsoft! Sadly however, Microsoft’s Xbox Live has experienced problems (Source: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-may-compensate-xbox-live-users-affected-/1100-6435489/?ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0a) in the beginning of The New Year 2016. Some of these issues blocked players from downloading and playing their games that even American Rapper Snoop Dogg was ticked off! Microsoft may offer compensation for these issues though it’s not guaranteed. However problems are often never permanent and can create new opportunities for entrepreneurs. So, if you’re entrepreneurial minded, tech savvy, tech loving and a fan of video games like Xbox or running your own smaller tech/gaming business then Read On for great opportunities from Microsoft Xbox Live’s 2016 setbacks to better your own chances of entrepreneurial success!


1) Your Chance To Break The Monopoly!

I am a huge fan of Microsoft, Xbox, PlayStation and Video Games. With that being said, in the video game industry Microsoft/Xbox and PlayStation have greatly enjoyed a huge monopoly in the technology and video gaming industries. This creates a monopoly, which stunts chances of success and innovation for smaller companies. Monopolies are bad for competition, hence innovation and large-scale diversity.

Fortunately, with Microsoft/Xbox’s recent setbacks, if you are a smaller tech/gaming company you can slowly but surely take advantage of these setbacks to break the monopoly to bring the tech/gaming business industry much needed larger scale environment of competition, diversity and innovation!

The benefit of large companies facing setbacks is ultimately smaller companies can be motivated to take action to develop, innovate and compete resulting in new often more advanced products by breaking the previous monopoly overtime. As the same applies for the gaming/tech business industry if you are running a smaller scale tech/gaming company here is your chance to break the monopoly enjoyed by the likes of Microsoft/Xbox and introduce something new!

2) Your Chance To Learn From Mistakes By Observing!

 Microsoft/Xbox is a great company but unfortunately has had (Before 2016) various problems and complaints from customers. The problems most likely could have but were not prevented by the company and development teams. If you’re running a smaller tech/gaming business that doesn’t enjoy the same stellar status of Xbox you could well step into the fray and refrain from the same mistakes of Microsoft/Xbox.

Some of these issues, which could have been prevented, were due but not limited to rushed production and determination to meet deadlines/release dates a common problem of well-established businesses! As a smaller tech/gaming business make sure you carefully observe the mistakes of bigger conglomerates like Microsoft/Xbox, what led to their faulty products, why these faults occurred, whether they could have prevented and why they were not prevented.

Hence, overtime starting now you can provide a great new business with stellar customer service while learning from, adapting and refraining from making the same mistakes of Microsoft/Xbox! Learning from the mistakes of others in business is a surefire way of providing great customer service cornerstone of a successful business!

3) Your Chance To Save The Day!

When setbacks often strike well-established conglomerates like Microsoft/Xbox, customers are in need of a hero to save the day! Well now is your chance as a smaller tech/gaming company to be that hero who saves the day by providing a new and better service to save customers. While innovating to be more advanced than Microsoft/Xbox is often a great way to save the day there are simpler ways to be a hero.

For example notice the pains and annoyances Microsoft/Xbox customers are facing as of 2016 problems with Xbox Live. Next work to develop a system, which fixes these pains and problems Xbox Live’s users are facing by making your product/s entertaining, exciting and free of Microsoft/Xbox Live’s problems.

Simple ways such as solving customer pains, issues and bugs of larger competitors even on a smaller scale are definite ways of innovating your business and products to save the day! Moreover, as a smaller tech/gaming business by providing a more efficient, foolproof, simple and easy more reliable than larger but more glitch ridden competitors, this is relatively enough to succeed by saving the day!


Last but not least you don’t even to have be a formal entrepreneur with a company to save the day. Rather if you are a tech savvy Xbox gamer, then you can design modifications (MODs), parallel informal systems or tinker your Xbox to modify/adapt the system to provide better glitch free service (even try offering to Microsoft/Xbox in return for payment and/or a beneficial deal e.g. publicity for your own MOD channel/store, etc.) to achieve success!!

Deadly Business Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid! A Miniseries



Image Credit: Conextus

During the Summer of 2015 I started my first business with a few other friends called Conextus (Website: http://conextus.ca), a social media startup aimed at bettering the social lives, bridging the community gap, reduce isolation and help foster great friendships among College/University Students on campus! Unfortunately our business team made a series of fatal mistakes, which is detrimental and are potential causes of failure for many business startups though Conextus miraculously survived to go into overhaul!

As one of Conextus’ key leaders, I am very much responsible for the series of fatal business mistakes, which could have but were not prevented. Ultimately, the point of this miniseries of posts is providing you with firsthand experience of mistakes startups such as Conextus make causing failure or stunted growth. However, your business startup can avoid much of the Success Killing mistakes my team and I made. So read on and take heed of these points beginning with Part.1 below!


1) Neglecting Chief Service

A chief mistake the Conextus business team and by extension myself made was neglecting our chief business service. In the case of Conextus our chief service was our social media app, which in a nutshell was to help university and college students foster new social connections. Instead of making it our number one priority to complete and perfect our product we went ahead prematurely with other business activities like marketing, website design, startup contests and the like without having a finished solid first. This mistake the business team and I made deprived us of business legitimacy we could have had if we finished designing our product first.

2) Gun Jumping

Another mistake the business team and I made hinted in the above point was jumping the gun. Too eager to get the ball rolling for Conextus we went ahead of ourselves too much and failed to consolidate ourselves. Yes, we went too much in to the promotional side of things for Conextus too soon before we even had a chance to consolidate our team or have a finished product to show! While planning ahead and moving forward is integral for a new business’ success, this can lead to gun jumping, the end result being an uncertain and unstable business.

End Of Part.1

I sincerely hope that the advice provided so far has been helpful and that you have learned something to apply in your own business start-up career! As an entrepreneur let the mistakes of Conextus Team (Though We Fortunately Survived And Are Now Recovering In Overhaul!) and I be a lesson for you and your team so that your business doesn’t make these same mistakes and if you do learn from them so you quickly bounce back!

If you are a Business Leader or a Team Leader like myself, then utilize your leadership to help your prevent Team these same deadly mistakes from blunting your progress. Stay tuned for Part.2 of this miniseries, keeping in mind these lessons from Part.1 until then!


Image Credit: My Own

Entrepreneurship Lessons From Mars InSight 2018


Image Credit: nasa.gov, NASA Targets May 2018 Launch of Mars InSight Mission

It has been announced by NASA on their website via http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-targets-may-2018-launch-of-mars-insight-mission that NASA’s Interior Exploration utilizing Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Head Transport mission known as insight has been scheduled for launch on May 5, 2018 with a schedule Mars landing on November 26, 2018. You may be interested to know this Scientific extraterrestrial NASA mission to study Mars’ deep interior has great entrepreneurial lessons for those of us running and/or starting a business/s. Below are three great takeaway lessons from the above URL-article about NASA’s InSight Mission for your entrepreneurial ventures!

1) It’s The Little Things That Matter!

 A great entrepreneurship lesson NASA’s InSight Mission teaches is that in ventures it is the little things that matter! In the case of NASA’s InSight Mission it was a small issue that drastically affected the course of the Mars Geodesy mission. In particular, NASA’s InSight Mission was initially scheduled for a March 2016 launch only to be delayed by a faulty vacuum leak in its prime science instrument. Thankfully despite the delay, InSight’s science is being redesigned and the Mission is scheduled as of now for a May 5, 2018 Launch Date.

Hence, for your entrepreneurial endeavours it is the little things that can have the biggest impact on your plans! Just like a fault in NASA’s InSight Mission’s science instrument resulted in the postponing of the entire Mission, so can little faults in your business (i.e. The exit/entry of a single teammate, a small bug/ correction, the alienation/impressment of a single customer) can effect and change the course of your enterprise/s for better or worse!

Therefore, while focusing on the bigger picture, pay just as much attention to the little things (i.e. day to day happenings and the short term) going on in your enterprise and make sure these little things are addressed to strengthen your chances of entrepreneurial success!

2) Have A Plan To Bounce Back Quickly!

 When failure and/or setbacks strike your enterprise make sure you have a plan to bounce back quickly! Just like NASA’s Insight Mission despite setbacks and delays formulate a comeback plan. This plan was the InSight project management team communicating with NASA and the French Space Agency CNES on plans to redesign the science instrument and gaining the assistance of both these agencies in redesigning the science instrument! Hence, thanks to this bounce back plan Mission Insight has been given a new lease on life!

Likewise for your entrepreneurial undertakings have a plan when faced with setbacks and/or failures so your enterprises have a chance of resiliency/survival. Such plans can even be formed on short notice (i.e. with Mission InSight due to its unforeseen instrumental setback) so be flexible, be constantly planning, cautious and consider the unexpected to better your chances of survival in the event of setbacks!

3) Do Not Operate In Isolation!

As humans being social creatures cannot operate in isolation the same applies for enterprises, which are human and therefore social undertakings! Take inspiration form the recovery of NASA’s Mission InSight so your enterprises may also be resilient and adaptable in the face of hardship. The Mission Team of Project InSight did not operate in isolation but collaborated not only with NASA but also the French space agency CNES, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) along with strong international partnership, with the latter led by Principle Investigator Bruce Banerdt of JPL.

Such collaboration and networks of Mission InSight aided the development of the mission equipment (i.e. German assistance in designing part of InSight’s lander) along with aiding the resiliency and recovery process of Mission InSight despite its setback exemplified by international contribution for the construction of InSight’s new vacuum leak enclosure!

Hence, when working on an enterprise, actively seek help from those outside your enterprise as ultimately these connections will bring valuable knowledge, skills and experience to the table, which can advance the design and popularity of your enterprise along with providing much needed resiliency and better chances for recovery/survival in times of trouble!


Image Credit: mars.nasa.gov, Mars: Extreme Planet

I sincerely hope that you found this post beneficial for your entrepreneurial endeavours! Please keep in mind the three takeaway pieces of advice for entrepreneurship from the case of NASA’s Mission InSight and apply them for success in your own enterprises. The three above points are some of the main causes for the failure and/or stunted growth of many businesses. Fortunately Mission InSight as of now has overcome these and will hopefully have a successful mission launch to Mars in 2018. So keep your eyes posted on the status of Mission InSight and use the (So Far, Knock On Wood!) success story of Mission InSight as inspiration on your road to entrepreneurial success!

Vancouver Opera’s Recipe For Success!

I Have Returned!!



Image Credit: vancouveropera.ca

Hello again and my sincere apologies for the hiatus as I have been caught up with my studies. Anyways, it is good to be back and I have missed you all! This new post will discuss the beloved Vancouver Opera and its Recipe For Success. Whether or not you reside in Vancouver British Columbia, The Vancouver Opera sets a great example for success, which can be followed wherever in the world, you may live. Read on to find out what makes the Vancouver Opera a successful and popular establishment along with how you can use the Vancouver Opera’s success as inspiration for your own endeavors!


I) Have People Talk Highly Of You!

If you want to be successful, then have people talk of you highly and favorably. Use Vancouver Opera as inspiration and take a look at their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vancouveropera/?fref=ts to see for yourself of the countless favorable reviews people (i.e. Guests/Customers) are giving Vancouver Opera!

When people talk highly of an establishment or person, the said establishment or person become famous and the wider public including those known to customers talking favourably will be more inclined to frequent and do business with the establishment/person. This is especially true with the Vancouver Opera, which I became aware of and interested in visiting through favourable opinions of friends! The result is that I plan on attending a performance at the Vancouver Opera with these same friends to see for myself.

Hence to attract success and popularity follow the example of Vancouver Opera and have the people you interact/do business with talk highly of you. The result will be that they will recommend you to their friends increasing your publicity, customer base and prospects for success!

II) Display Passion And Talent!

To gain success and popularity at whatever you do in life, follow the example of The Vancouver Opera by displaying passion and talent in your endeavors! A major factor for the success and popularity of Vancouver Opera are its passionate and highly talented performances by gifted performers who love what they do. Like Vancouver Opera when you display quality talent and express to your audience your passion, they will be star struck and drawn to you, as talent is hypnotic while passion is beneficially contagious.

Hence, take a page out the Vancouver Opera’s recipe for Success by investing (e.g. Your Personal Characteristics, Talents and Uniqueness) in yourself to bring out the best in yourself as well as others who will subsequently be inspired and drawn to you!


Image Credit: vancouveropera.ca

III) Celebrate Art And Culture!

 A major attraction of the Vancouver Opera contributing to its success is celebration of art and culture. The Vancouver Opera’s performances and display are very artistic and colourful, exemplified in their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/vancouveropera/ and Website https://www.vancouveropera.ca. Just like the renowned Vancouver Opera, in your own endeavors for success use color to attract people and customers as colorful brand material will be one of the first aspects, which attract and captivate your audiences’ visual attention.

As many people are fascinated and curious (We Humans Are Naturally Curious) about different cultures, celebrate culture along with colour in your endeavours. The Vancouver Opera celebrates and displays elements of foreign cultures (e.g. On its website and Facebook) such as East Asian, Japanese and Italian, making it exotically, culturally appealing and given Vancouver’s multicultural population relatable for many!

To succeed and become popular your audience needs to be captivated, able to relate and find common ground with you, which colour/culture offers. Hence, to attain personal success, your endeavours need to relate to customers, so celebrating culture and colour is a great way to attract, bring together and make it possible for your audience (from various cultural backgrounds) to relate/find common ground with you!


Image Credit: Review Vancouver Opera’s Madama Butterfly has it all By David Gordon Duke, Special To The Sun March 7, 2016 vancouversun.com

IV) Promote And Celebrate Yourself!

To become successful and get your audience excited about you be excited about yourself! No better way to be excited about yourself and what you have to offer by promoting and celebrating yourself. As emphasized by their Facebook Page, the Vancouver Opera celebrates its upcoming events and content with great colour, joy and splendour! Through its exciting promotions featuring photo albums, sensational posts and behind the scenes imagery (e.g. Backstage Rehearsals), The Vancouver Opera has gotten people excited about it and viewing what it has to offer. Hence, to achieve success and gain an audience, use exciting promotions that celebrate yourself as a means of getting people excited and eager to view what you have to offer them!


Use this advice as inspiration for your own endeavors for success and be sure to check out the Vancouver Opera. Also to stay up do date with their upcoming events, like The Vancouver Opera’s Facebook page and visit their website via the links I included in this post! Please leave your feedback in the comments (please no rude or offensive comments thank you!) and let me know how helpful this post was to you! I will be posting new posts daily from now on without hiatuses so stay tuned, as there’s much coming your way!!

4 Takeaways For Growth & Success From Scott Kelly!

Salutations to NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly who has just returned Home to Earth from his yearlong mission at the International Space Station (ISS)! Astronaut Kelly’s mission and its completion have 4 Great Takeaways for Growth And Success outlined below!


Image Credit: Nasa Astronaut Scott Kelly, Feb. 6, 2015, nasa.gov

1) Be Ready For The Long Haul!

If you want to succeed, know that success will not happen overnight! Astronaut Scott Kelly’s mission to the ISS lasted one year, setting the record for the total number of days spent in space by an American astronaut. Upon his return to Earth, Kelly’s trek and record has been celebrated in the news. The lesson from Kelly’s successful journey is that success takes time. So like Astronaut Kelly, be ready for the long haul as success is built overtime!

2) Be Ready To Sacrifice!

 Like Scott Kelly be ready to sacrifice if you want success! Just like Scott Kelly sacrificed his time on Earth to become a renowned astronaut going on to set a record at the ISS, you too will have to sacrifice and make time to work on becoming successful. To win a great prize it is said you have to pay a great price and the same holds true for success! If you sacrifice your idle time to invest in yourself, learn constantly and do what it takes to bring about your own success, it will pay off for you in the long run!

3) Be Constantly On The Move!

 Astronaut Scott Kelly is and has been on the move going to space and back as is required of an astronaut! Scott Kelly would not have become the renowned astronaut he is today following his yearlong journey to the ISS if he hadn’t been constantly on the move doing spaceflights since 1999. Likewise you will not be successful if you aren’t constantly on the move doing what’s necessary to achieve your vision/s of success! Hence, if you want to be successful then be on the move and constantly hustle your way to success. 

4) Be Productive Not Busy!

While Scott Kelly was busy he was also productive and was busy doing what required him to directly achieve his goal of becoming a renowned NASA Astronaut. Hence, while hustling your way to success be productive rather than busy! Productivity the key to success is getting a lot done in one hour than working hard for eight hours but getting little to nothing done.

Moreover, productivity hence success is focusing on what will directly contribute to your vision/s of success make it easier to achieve those vision/s of success. To be successful know what you want in life, how to get it directly, avenues to get it and act accordingly so you can be productive and efficient to achieve your goals of success without beating around the bush!



Use NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly as an inspiration for your own visions of success. Follow the 4 tips I have mentioned above when working your way to success and you will find that your efficiency, effort/s and outcome/s will be greatly enhanced! Be sure to comment or email me at nuwanb@shaw.ca of how helpful you found my advice to be in achieving your goal/s.

3 Lessons For Success The 2016 Oscars Can Teach You!

I hope you all got some time on this Sunday evening to watch The 88th Academy Awards! Below are Three Lessons for success that you can take from the Oscars to use in your personal endeavours!


Image Credit: BBC News Entertainment & Arts, Oscars 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins Academy Award


1) Engage Your Audience!

A major takeaway lesson for success from the Oscars is the power of Engaging Your Audience! The host of this 2016 Oscars, Chris Rock was great at engaging viewers, keeping them entertained, amused and excited to watch the 88th Academy Awards with his youthful flair and humor which aside from engaging viewers helped shine light on the lack of racial/cultural diversity at the Oscars!

Hence, in your quest for success despite your lack of money or funding, it costs little to none in engaging your audience. Just follow the lead of Oscar hosts like Chris Rock and you should easily be able to engage your audience and draw their attention as a first step to your success!


2) Have Emotional Content!

Having content and moments aimed at stimulating an emotional response/s in your audience is another key takeaway from the Oscars, which can also bring you great success if used for your personal endeavors! From the grand red carpet, the musical performances (i.e. performances of Lady Gaga, ex Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl among others), the emotional themes of many nominated movies (i.e. Bridge of Spies, Spotlight and The Revenant among others) and the emotionally arousing speeches of the Oscar speakers, the 2016 Oscar Awards were indeed very emotionally touching to viewers!

In your personal quest for success, use content, writing, imagery effects, techniques or anything appealing to the emotional side of viewers. You will find that your prospects for success will have increased tenfold as emotion is an attention grabbing tool which will captivate and draw viewers to what you’re offering!


3) Gain Key Endorsers & Participants!

The Oscars this year gained many key endorsers and participants among them the stellar musical performances of Lady Gaga, Dave Grohl, this years Oscars’ host Chris Rock (Prominent for his role in Saturday Night Live early 1990s, Grown Ups film series, Everybody Hates Chris among others), the onstage appearance of Vice President Joe Biden and Leonardo DiCaprio who won the Academy Award for Best Actor!

All these individuals are beloved by many and their appearances in this year’s Oscars has made the 88th Academy Awards a well talked about, anticipated and exhilarating moment for viewers and fans of these great superstars alike! Hence, just like the Oscars in your own endeavours for success be it your own business, personal brand, blog, page, whatnot strive to gain the support, endorsements and/or participation of popular well-established individuals and brands/companies!

If you can build yourself up to gain the support of popular people and establishments even on a regional or local level you and your brand will have been brought to the public’s attention (Public Then Be Like: OMG My Favourite Blog has endorsed that product! I’ll totally try it out!), tripling your immediate prospects of success!


So take these three traits that make the Oscars so popular and use them as lessons/inspiration to further your own chances of success in whatever you may be doing! I hope this post has helped you and given you inspiration for attaining your own success, Carpe Diem!

Donald Trump’s 3 Integral Lessons For Success From An Apolitical Observer


Image Credit: NJ Governor Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President, The Source


You may be Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Left Wing, Right Wing, and Anarchist or like myself totally indifferent towards politics at the moment. However, for those of you who are goal and success driven, Entrepreneurial minded or even interested in entering national political or other (i.e. university) elections you can learn a few tips for success from potential 2016 US Presidential election candidate Donald Trump whether you love him, hate him or simply don’t care. Lately Trump’s fortunes in the upcoming election took a boost with prominent Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of Trump http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/26/politics/chris-christie-endorses-donald-trump/index.html?eref=rss_topstories.

So The Following Three are tips for success you can learn from Donald Trump’s quest to win the nomination for Republican Candidate in the upcoming 2016 US Presidential election!


1) Break From Tradition!

 Whether or not you’re a fan of Donald Trump, one of the most integral traits for success is break with tradition and Stand Out From The Crowd! Standing out from the crowd may bring you negative publicity as it has for Trump but at the same time will bring you popularity as is it has Trump!

Just as Trump’s politically incorrect, in your face, bold and brash disposition has won him admirers even among his sharpest critics in your quest for personal success be it running/starting a business or promoting yourself breaking from established tradition, speaking your mind and striking out on your own will be sure to gain you attention as well as admirers!

2) Speak For The Disenfranchised!

In The United States, I think we can agree that established politics has failed many Americans. From the uncontrollable rise of ISIS terrorism to numerous domestic and legal disputes/problems in the US itself, America both home and abroad has been through a lot of turmoil in the 2010s!

As a result many Americans have grown wary of established politics be them Republican or Democrat. Donald Trump while Republican is part of a disenfranchised and more radical fringe of the Republican Party. Donald Trump and his more radical fringe views speak for as well as comfort many disenfranchised Americans. What’s more is that Donald Trump’s political platform catering to disenfranchised Americans has won him great popularity as of right now!

 In your quest for success as an entrepreneur or as an individual be sure to speak for as well as relate to the disenfranchised masses out there through you words and actions. As a result, you will gain supporters and a following!

3) Your Rivals Can Support You Too!

 Chris Christie despite not very along ago being an outspoken critic and rival of Donald Trump http://www.mediaite.com/election-2016/here-are-the-many-many-times-chris-christie-mocked-and-attacked-donald-trump/as of February 26, 2016 has given his endorsement for Trump’s campaign. With Chris Christie’s endorsement, Trump has gained a well-established Republican figure, New Jersey Governor Christie giving the maverick Trump significant political legitimacy, which just may allow him to win the Republican Presidential Nomination for 2016!

What’s more is that Governor Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump shows that even your rivals and critics will come to admire you in time if you stay true to your roots! So take a page out of Trump’s playbook, ignore your haters, stay true to yourself and continue promoting yourself to success in such a way that will make the haters your promoters and supporters!

While I am not a supporter of Trump or any political party for the 2016 US election as for one I am not American and second I have never been interested or knowledge about politics.


With that being said for those of you who want to succeed and carve out your own path in life or are entrepreneurial minded (Donald Trump himself is a successful billionaire entrepreneur) you could learn some great tips in attaining success from Donald Trump and his stake in the 2016 US Presidential election! So I sincerely hope you found this post and its Three Points above useful in your own journey to success!

7 Steps To Secure Customers As a Nascent Start-up


Image Credit: Pixabay

Every business depends on its customers in order to succeed and expand. Having customers are the lifeline for all businesses big and small but for start-ups as this post will underscore, customers come first before anything else. For start-up businesses, new entrepreneurs and small businesses in need of a wider as well as more loyal customer base, this post will provide you with 7 key points for you to grow and maintain a strong loyal customer base!


1. Make Your Service Coincide With Their Interests/Needs!

To grow and incite a base of loyal customers who keep coming back it is important that your business coincides with one or more of their interests and/or primary needs! Your product doesn’t have to be fancy, cutting edge or anything special but it does have to meet their interests and/or personal needs just like Starbucks meets its customers need for their daily coffee/refreshments! Keeping this in mind as well as the advice of Dale Carnegie in Chapter/Point 8 of his book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” to “Talk In Terms Of The Other Person’s Interests” make sure that your business, its product/service or aspects of your business successfully meets one or more of customers’ needs and interests!

2. Make It Personal!

It is widely said that business is and should be business not to be taken personally. However, in order to grow and gain a loyal customer base it is in your best interest to make business with customers personal! So when dealing with customers especially as a smaller business, make it a point to reach out to your customers on a personal and regular basis to know them well. Once you know your customers well, you will know their needs, wants and other important character elements through making business personal that your business can better serve these same customers. As people are loyal and interested in someone who cares about and takes interest in them, the same will be applicable for your customers’ loyalty and interest in your business!

3. Make Them Excited!

The key to success as a business with customers is to have something about your brand or business environment that excites customers and makes them enthusiastic to consume your product/do business with you! All successful businesses from Starbucks to McDonalds and the movies get customers fired up to consume their products and so can you! So make easy adjustments to elements of your business like brand (i.e. logo and/or what your business is associated with), product (is it something your customers need, benefit from and/or really enjoy?) or business environment (i.e. appealing aspects like comfy, relaxed, festive, roomy) in a manner these elements stand out and entice/draw customers to regularly frequent your business!

4. Do Them Favours!

Customers love to do business with and consume the products of businesses that do them favours! As customers wonder “What’s In It For Me?” tailor your business to have it give your customer a certain personal benefit/s or favours as a result of them doing business with you. Such favours can involve you endorsing and promoting your customers’ business ventures, giving them three-month free subscription, free passes to something fun (i.e. movies), discounts and the like in return for them doing business with you. As a result of providing customers with favours/perks that benefit them personally, your business will gain an increase of customers who are eager to regularly consume your products and do business with you!

5. Use World Of Mouth over Tech!

When running a small not widely known business relying solely on technology for marketing such as Social Media, advertisements or Smartphone Apps may not have the same stimulating effects on customers as well established business attempts at tech marketing do. Plus you may not have a large amount of money to spend on eye catching and slick methods of tech marketing. Hence, to show credibility when starting off, be transparent, build personal and business trust, foster human to human connection, stimulate an emotional response in customers and reach customers in ways technology cannot (at least not yet, when potential customers are still strangers) using the word of mouth approach in which you personally convey news of your product and business to customers on a human to human level connects with you to numerous prospects on a personal level. Word of mouth marketing, effectively lays the foundations for these prospects eventually becoming customers of your business!

6. Make sure you truly need them!

While all these points are sure-fire ways for your business to gain and maintain customers, there is one more question that you need to consider in order to better the prospects for your business’ success. This question is “Do I and my business truly need this customer?”

As a business customer relationship is a two way street meaning your customers should truly need and benefit/help your business (just as you need customers and help meet their needs. Remember, your customers’ words about your business to the wider community hold more merit than your own!) whether or not you truly need prospects as customers depends on these five factors:

A) How loyal are they to your business and product/?

B) Are they truly excited about your business and what it has to offer them?

C) Do they eagerly promote your product and business to their friends and loved Ones?

D) Do they endorse/support your business and its product/s over your competitors?

E) Do they regularly frequent your business and constantly use your business’ products?

If the answer to all these five questions is a definite yes then congratulations as your business has wonderful customers but if they answer is a no or so/so then you need to consider finding a different set of more dedicated customers who can truly help and through using/endorsing your product/s promote your business to the wider community!

7. Exalt Them!

After you’ve secured a loyal and eager base of customers the question is how you and your business can keep these customers loyal and eager? The answer is to exalt your customers by valuing them and making them feel special! Exalting your customers by expressing love/loyalty for them, in featuring customers in your promotional material (i.e. posters, commercials in which your customers visually appear and videos featuring individual customer/s talking in their own words), making your most loyal customers brand ambassadors who take a more active and professional role in your business’ marketing/promotional activities are just some ways your customers can feel special by doing business with you. As people love to feel special and talk about themselves, if your business allows your customers to feel special and talk about themselves they will in turn love doing and continue doing business with you!