Deadly Business Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid! A Mini-Series Part.2

Hello and welcome back to “Deadly Business Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid! A Miniseries.” This Post will serve as Part 2 of weekly my miniseries and will continue covering firsthand experiences of detrimental mistakes my first ever business venture Conextus (Website:, made while I was one of its leaders. Just like Part.1 did however, I hope that Part.2 of this weekly miniseries will inspire you to take heed and avoid Conextus’ mistakes. Read On!


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Team Inflation

While a solid team is necessary for a successful business in Conextus we made the mistake of taking things to far with team building. As we were desperate to get the ball rolling, we built up a huge team that resulted in team inflation for Conextus! This meant we had too many members making it more difficult to manage the business team. On top of that the team expanded/inflated to quickly that carrying out commitment checks were made much harder. The team expanded way to quickly and this hindered proper management as the inflated business team of Conextus was often confused, disunited in a state of disarray.

As one of Conextus’ top leaders in charge of administration, I accept much of the responsibility in expanding the team too quickly, preventing to create a solidified team and failing to address the issue of Team Inflation until it was too late. While Conextus fortunately has survived as of now, Team Inflation was and still is a huge flaw in our business with the potential to cripple many new businesses! So with your business team make sure you take into consideration the mistakes of Conextus and take caution when it comes to establishing proper team! It is best to start early meaning you should focus on quality over quantity when it comes to building a team! It is much better that you have a few team members who are specialized (e.g. A team of four or if possible less with all members qualified and competent in their respective roles and able to support each other when need be) as this will make a more manageable team.

If your team is already too big you may have to let certain members go and keep the most competent members on your team unfortunately. However, focusing on building a small but quality team of highly skilled and competent members can easily avoid the sad process of letting team members go as a result of Team Inflation and inability to properly manage the business team!


When your team is small it is easier to manage and easier to get things done as you can work more intimately as a transparent more equal and fair partnership instead of a top down hierarchical management. A smaller more manageable business team provides more room for creativity, growth, intimate coaching along with trust, bonding and less stress among your business team making progress hence success possible through better team efficiency!

26 thoughts on “Deadly Business Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid! A Mini-Series Part.2

  1. thank you for providing this information, it’s interesting to read what doesn’t work in a business… I can learn from this! I do believe a smaller team can work much better, they can produce better quality work because every team member knows the people they’re working with and what each others strengths and weaknesses are, thus can work together better to collaborate.

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    • I am so happy to hear that you can learn from this post 🙂 Thank you so much for your wonderful, thoughtful and insightful well said comment here! I wish you the best and I hope you apply what you have learned for your endeavours so that you can achieve great success! Cheers 😀


    • Thank you for your comment! I completly agree with your comment here Joanna 🙂 and we can also agree that if one has a small compact team who are an experts in what they do, then no task will be too big or small for them. The extra stress of team management can be avoided with a smaller but fully experienced and qualified, quality over quantity team Joanna, what do you think?


  2. I totally agree on you, having a small team to start with is manageable. At least you can train them little by little on how to handle their own teams the way you did once the company starts to become huge.

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    • Cheers Tori and Thank You very much for commenting! This is very true, I am glad that you’re aware of this and it is unfortunate many businesses make this mistake 😦 However, your insight is wonderful! 😀 I hope you have learned from this post and have gained some useful knowledge to apply or pass down to others and those you may know!


  3. Cheers Everyone, Thank you so much for all your thoughtful and insightful comments 🙂 I appreciate them a lot and I sincerely hope you have learned some great advice to apply in your endeavours from this post!

    Be sure to check out other posts on this blog for more great quality advice and life lessons you can learn 😀 Also there are Special Easter and Post Easter Surprises coming so stay tuned!


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