Donald Trump’s 3 Integral Lessons For Success From An Apolitical Observer


Image Credit: NJ Governor Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump For President, The Source


You may be Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Left Wing, Right Wing, and Anarchist or like myself totally indifferent towards politics at the moment. However, for those of you who are goal and success driven, Entrepreneurial minded or even interested in entering national political or other (i.e. university) elections you can learn a few tips for success from potential 2016 US Presidential election candidate Donald Trump whether you love him, hate him or simply don’t care. Lately Trump’s fortunes in the upcoming election took a boost with prominent Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of Trump

So The Following Three are tips for success you can learn from Donald Trump’s quest to win the nomination for Republican Candidate in the upcoming 2016 US Presidential election!


1) Break From Tradition!

 Whether or not you’re a fan of Donald Trump, one of the most integral traits for success is break with tradition and Stand Out From The Crowd! Standing out from the crowd may bring you negative publicity as it has for Trump but at the same time will bring you popularity as is it has Trump!

Just as Trump’s politically incorrect, in your face, bold and brash disposition has won him admirers even among his sharpest critics in your quest for personal success be it running/starting a business or promoting yourself breaking from established tradition, speaking your mind and striking out on your own will be sure to gain you attention as well as admirers!

2) Speak For The Disenfranchised!

In The United States, I think we can agree that established politics has failed many Americans. From the uncontrollable rise of ISIS terrorism to numerous domestic and legal disputes/problems in the US itself, America both home and abroad has been through a lot of turmoil in the 2010s!

As a result many Americans have grown wary of established politics be them Republican or Democrat. Donald Trump while Republican is part of a disenfranchised and more radical fringe of the Republican Party. Donald Trump and his more radical fringe views speak for as well as comfort many disenfranchised Americans. What’s more is that Donald Trump’s political platform catering to disenfranchised Americans has won him great popularity as of right now!

 In your quest for success as an entrepreneur or as an individual be sure to speak for as well as relate to the disenfranchised masses out there through you words and actions. As a result, you will gain supporters and a following!

3) Your Rivals Can Support You Too!

 Chris Christie despite not very along ago being an outspoken critic and rival of Donald Trump of February 26, 2016 has given his endorsement for Trump’s campaign. With Chris Christie’s endorsement, Trump has gained a well-established Republican figure, New Jersey Governor Christie giving the maverick Trump significant political legitimacy, which just may allow him to win the Republican Presidential Nomination for 2016!

What’s more is that Governor Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump shows that even your rivals and critics will come to admire you in time if you stay true to your roots! So take a page out of Trump’s playbook, ignore your haters, stay true to yourself and continue promoting yourself to success in such a way that will make the haters your promoters and supporters!

While I am not a supporter of Trump or any political party for the 2016 US election as for one I am not American and second I have never been interested or knowledge about politics.


With that being said for those of you who want to succeed and carve out your own path in life or are entrepreneurial minded (Donald Trump himself is a successful billionaire entrepreneur) you could learn some great tips in attaining success from Donald Trump and his stake in the 2016 US Presidential election! So I sincerely hope you found this post and its Three Points above useful in your own journey to success!

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