Four Ways You Can Utilize Your Laziness For Success!


Image Credit: Pixabay 


If you happen to be lazy and carefree like me, then I have great news! I came across an interesting article on lifehack titled “7 Reasons Why Lazy People Are More Likely To Be Successful” I hope the article will inspire you to find success through laziness just as it has inspired me to write this post. Below I will discuss Four Ways that your laziness can be used for attaining success!


1) Make Something That Can Make Others’ Lives More Carefree Like Yours!

If you’re lazy and carefree in you life chances are you’ll be envied by many busybody folks. So why not in your extended spare time create something that can help make these peoples’ lives more carefree with time for laziness like yours?

There are many means of making peoples’ lives more carefree that you can design in the comfort of your own home ranging from mobile phone applications, advisory and instructional websites to your own online web based service business. All it takes is some extended down time (if you’re lazy & carefree like me then you got this!) to conjure up some great ideas you can commence!

In these days of Internet and mobile technology allowing people to do things from the comfort of their own home, making a mobile app or online business without sacrificing your idle time is relatively simple if you got the time!


2) Use Your Daydreaming Hours To Come Up With New Ideas!

When lazy you got time to sit back or lie down and daydream! It is amazing how ingenious lazy people can be through there daydreaming hours. So if you’re lazy and love to daydream casually in your mind and/or on paper (or your mobile phone/laptop) come up with some great ideas for an online business or something that generates you money without having to work a traditional job.

If you got the time to daydream you’ll be amazed at all the innovative new (or relatively simple but effective) ideas your mind can conjure up! As I came up with many of the posts on my blog/website during my extended spare time and daydreaming hours, you too can come up with many great ideas for success while daydreaming!


3) Use Your Extended Downtime To Figure Yourself Out!

When you’re lazy you extended got down time so why not use this downtime to figure out yourself and your passions? It was through constant soul searching in my lazy downtimes that I figured out my true passions: Entrepreneurship, Community, E Commerce and Blogging.

You as well in your idle time will be able to figure yourself out and your passions whatever they may be. In your idle time just ask yourself these four questions:

A) Who Am I? B) What do I want? C) What are my passions? D) Are these passions truly mine or have they merely been imposed on/suggested to me by others?

Once you figured out your true passions and who you want to be in life you’ll (you won’t be lazy or idle when doing what your heart & soul truly wants!) do anything to achieve them!


4) Create/Find An Easy Source Of Income!

If you’re lazy chances you won’t like the prospect of working a traditional job with hours (9 to 5+) requiring you to leave home 5+ times a week even if you “love what you do” there. Never fear though as there are several easy or passive sources of income!

Starting an online business, developing a mobile app, making podcasts, writing an E- Book, blogging and providing service via Fivver ( are just some of the many passive income sources.

While passive income initially requires work, input/effort and doesn’t come overnight, you will build an asset/s allowing you to make money without having to work (hence passive income) a traditional job, allowing you to be lazy and relax in the long run!

Indeed laziness can be a great asset contrary to the beliefs and sayings of our society’s “hard work pays off” mentality. Therefore, rejoice and take advantage of being lazy, be inspired by this post to create your path/s to success so that your laziness pays off!


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